1428 Planisware Forecast Planner/ Leader from Netsource, Inc.

North Wales, PA 19477

About the Job

Please note this is a 1 year+ contract position.

Quarterly Responsibilities 
• Enter functional planning data into Planisware V6 
• Develop forecast/demand of FTEs for specified groups and roles 
• Perform capacity analysis to understand the demand vs. supply of resourcing across various groups 
• Summarize information and highlight key takeaways via dashboards and other means to make data readily meaningful to senior leaders 
• Support to enable BRQC Janssen senior management decisions by providing transparent insight of the BRQC Janssen portfolio of services offered as well as resources needed to deliver on business commitments and to identify strategic priorities and growth opportunities 
• Interface with Janssen R&D Functional Planning organization to ensure integrated resource planning across R&D portfolio 
• Mature resource planning capabilities and provide workload and resource transparency 
• Improve accuracy of planning techniques and models by validating current algorithms and operational effectiveness of BRQC Janssen. 
• Partner to develop end-to-end resourcing approach (including collaboration with outsourcing) 
• Coordinate Janssen R&D Functional Planning continuous forecast requirements and link BRQC Janssen activities to budget forecast cycles 
• Development of new visuals/dashboards in tableau 

Monthly Responsibilities 
• Ensure compliance with project portfolio list (including management & oversight of the sharepoint list) 
• Ensure compliance with 1-supply/SAP (as a back up) and supply data 
• Management of budget forecast/functional planning calendar 

Daily/Weekly Responsibilities 
- Support QC Hours mailbox and answer user questions related to time reporting and how to time report according to their roles 

Ad Hoc Tasks 
- Develop project plan and strategy for Plainsware V6 (how our organization will interact with the system, who will interact etc.) 
- Once strategy is determined, develop training, job aids, process documentation to support the functional planning process (including reference guides) and activities needed in Plainsware 
- Train colleagues on Plainsware 
- Develop specific training and host training for time reporting for specified groups 
- Development of new metrics and thresholds to measure the resource capabilities across the organization 
- Answer ad hoc questions from users or senior management 
- Project management of team meetings 

Skillsets Needed 
- Understanding of resource planning/functional planning principles 
- Microsoft Excel, powerpoint, word, sharepoint, visio proficiency (at a minimum, know how to use formulas, vlookups, pivot tables, concatenate etc. in excel) 
- Planisware knowledge and Tableau (build and publish) abilities are a plus 
- Strong communication skills (verbal and written) 
- Business process management skills 
- good English and grammar 
- good project management skills 

Please reference job number 1428.

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