C# Jedi needed for growing Network Tools Company at Pingman Tools

Boise, ID 83702

About the Job

You love building great products, playing with new technologies, and learning something new every day. You can find several solutions to any problem, and enjoy celebrating your accomplishments often. C# is your current tool of choice, but you know that PHP, Javascript or (language x) have their place too. You're eager to turn your knowledge into a user experience that everyone admires. You're seeking an opportunity to help make a difference in a company by architecting and developing existing (and new!) software in .NET/Xamarin (in addition to a slew of other technologies). You're currently looking for more challenge, more flexibility, more responsibility, and more fun at work.

We're a small, but quickly growing team based in the heart of downtown Boise, ID, and we're looking for a quick, mentally energetic software developer to join us. We've been building great network troubleshooting tools for years, and have a whole pile of new releases and great projects that need your help. We have thousands of happy and enthusiastic customers from every major aerospace and broadband provider to gamers worldwide. We're taking a mature, proven product, and scaling it to meet the needs of more users on whatever platform they use. There's a lot of territory to cover and lots of places for you to contribute based on your strengths.

You can check out more about us at  https://www.pingman.com . If you think you're a fit with our team, and want to get in on the "ground floor" please send a brief resume to  EdnaMode@pingman.com. Resumes that come with a cover letter explaining who you are (and why you'd be a great fit with us) get moved to the top of the "pile"!

About Pingman Tools

At Pingman Tools, our goal is to make network troubleshooting suck less. We help individuals and companies "See the network, pinpoint the problem", including gamers, VoIP users, stock traders, ISPs, ASPs, and anyone that uses or provides network service. We have a fun and focussed gang of sharp, diverse, hard working individuals growing our brand and tools in an environment of respect, passion, and ongoing amusement.

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