Industrial Construction Project Manager for a Japanese construction company at TOP Group

Jamestown, IN

About the Job

A Japanese construction company is looking for site managers on their project site in Jamestown, IN. The company is currently building an automotive parts manufacturing plant in that area. Commercial and industrial project management experience is required.

Title: Project Manager

Location: Jamestown, IN

Salary range: 80K-100K

Type: direct-hire, full-time


  • Meet with client to define all of the project requirements. Summarize all of the requirements working together with Project Architect and MEP Team.
  • Generate overall project schedule including contract negotiations and award, permitting, procurement, submittals, construction, and close out and hand over.
  • Communicate with client to clarify their requirements on details that are important to them.
  • Instruct Project Architect and MEP Team to prepare drawings and specifications necessary for proposal preparations. Hire outside architect/engineers as required. This also may includes the topographic survey, soil testing/ soil borings if owner does not provide
  • Create sub bidder list for each scope of work.
  • Prepare sub bid package for each scope of work and distribute to minimum (3) bidders.
  • Obtain sub bid. Compare and analyze sub bids and establish NET.
  • Communicate with President to determine the proposal profit margin
  • Generate Tokyo Office Approval Form. (this must be submitted in advance to finalize the proposal to the owner.)
  • Finalize proposal to client.
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