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Title: Education Specialists

Group: Delivery And Fulfillment

Category: Professional Development and Customer Education



You are responsible for delivering professional development and technical assistance to schools that have contracted with our client, for school-based interventions, professional development, and coaching.


This position requires deep knowledge and extensive experience with academia, standards-based school reform and the ability to deliver high quality job-embedded professional development and site-based technical support to school personnel using innovative products, technology resources and/or research-based methodologies for school turnaround.


The desired applicants must have 5+ years of highly successful teaching experience in a K-8 school setting and preference will be given to candidates who can provide evidence through demonstration of existing knowledge of our client’s products, experience in effective coaching and training to teachers and teacher leaders.


The desired candidate will be a dedicated resource, known as a Partnership Plus resource, in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District supporting our client’s core program.



NOTE: Assigned Education Specialists will require certification in our client’s product, to support the successful partnership in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. Certification requires a minimum of 80 hours.



The Partnership is a Service that provides customized staff development, consultation, and support for all aspects of the customer’s product implementation. Services are delivered by Educational Specialists (ESs) with many years of educational and product training experience. Beyond our traditional 1 to 2-day workshops, the Partnership Plus Program includes a full suite of services that ranges from product training to implementation support and progress monitoring.

In 140 days of service, Partnership Plus dedicated specialists provide the needed support, training and guidance to ensure that our client’s products are being implemented successfully and with fidelity. The district benefits from the ESs ability to tailor training modules to best meet the needs of a particular school, while ensuring that all staff members have continuous support, familiarity, continuity, and consistency throughout a school district. ESs not only mentor and train teachers, administrators, and school personnel, but also monitor progress regularly, interpret data and provide feedback through report analyses, and make recommendations to implementations in order to achieve maximum results.

On this project, Education Specialists report directly to the Manager; Customer Education and Professional Learning and will report indirectly to the assigned, Curriculum Program Manager.


Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to meet the Intended Outcomes Aligned to Product Implementation Essentials for Program Delivery:



  • Complete all portions of the Program Certification in program to be supported; be able to demonstrate deep content knowledge and coaching methodology to effectively engage school stakeholders in the program; multiple program certifications may be requested


  •  Support implementation of selected solutions, as needed, including:
    • Classroom coaching
    • Facilitation of training to support implementation
    • Provision of onsite technical support
    • Regular and ongoing communication with school and district leaders


  • Support Consulting Services business development by:
    • Assisting in the recruitment of new Consulting Services schools
    • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of Consulting Services offerings
    • Presenting Professional Development and Job Embedded programs to large and small audiences


Roles and Responsibilities of the Education Specialist for Partnership Plus:


  • Progress Monitoring - Throughout the course of the district’s implementation, both formally and informally, ESs help teachers and administrators determine how individual students, classes, schools, and districts are progressing towards desired goals and performance indicators.
  • Implementation Monitoring: The ES works with key stakeholders to identify goals, timeframes, and measures for success. The implementation plan and professional development/support plans are revisited at key milestones and revised to meet the district, school or classroom’s needs.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Specialists monitor and provide recommendations to staff and key stakeholders on how to utilize the data to make educational decisions and modifications necessary for continued growth and success.
  • Ongoing Assessment of Student Performance: Specialists provide support gathering and analyzing different types of data at multiple levels – from the district level, down to the individual student. This may involve meetings with principals and teacher leaders to create plan individual meetings with teachers to determine specific options for intervention and increasing student performance.
  • Implementation Planning. Partnership Plus Specialists meet with key stakeholders to develop an appropriate and individualized implementation plan with strategies specifically designed to meet the varying needs, goals and expectations of the district.
  • Flexible Professional Development Options.Customize workshops to accommodate instructional needs.
  • Job-Embedded Training and Support. Job-Embedded Services provide different forms of coaching and support, focused on the effective implementation of the product. Provide shoulder-to-shoulder services to increase levels of understanding and strengtheninstruction with the program.

Instructional Staff

School-Level Administration

District-Level Administration

  • Lesson Planning support 

  • Strategies for 
differentiating instruction 

  • Effective use of digital tools and support sites 

  • In-class coaching, observations and feedback
  • Data review


  • Focus walks


  • Administrative coaching


  • Strategic Planning


  • Data Review


  • Professional Development design and planning



  • Consultative Partner. A major advantage of a Partnership specialist is their role as a liaison between other staff.
  • Strategize to troubleshoot possible setbacks before they occur.
  • Effectively manage multiple school sites and ensure familiarity with all key stakeholders as well as their unique concerns, successes, setbacks and critical issues.
  • Complete and submit a dailyservice report using client’s reporting engine.



Education and Qualifications

Required experience will include:

  • Master's Degree or higher
  • Experience offering workshops to teachers
  • Experience with classroom-based technology integration
  • Experience with differentiated instruction
  • Demonstrated success as a classroom teacher and at least five years of successful experience as a K-8 professional
  • Strong collaboration and teambuilding skills
  • Knowledge of standards-based reform, curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Ability to plan strategically with and coach school leaders and classroom teachers
  • Ability to provide instructional support relating to effective teaching strategies for teachers across content areas using instructional technology
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent ability to present content to large and small groups (effective presentation skills)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Charlotte, NC arearesidents desired


Desirable knowledge, skills, and experience include:

  • Scaffolding instruction for English Language Learners
  • Scaffolding instruction for students with disabilities
  • Strategies for the effective classroom use of instructional technology
  • Programs and services to support community outreach
  • Successful Leadership and/or Coaching Experience


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