<strong> GENESIS – Who We Are</strong><br> Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. (GGR) is a privately held, certified woman owned staffing and workforce solutions provider, which allows our clients to capture diversity credit. Since 1999, our core business is staffing direct hire, temporary workforce, and Contract Consulting. Headquartered in Florida, with offices in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY; our management teams comes to you with a combined 40 years of expertise in Recruitment, Staffing & Talent Acquisition. <br>  <br> Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. provides high-quality recruiting services for Professionals at all levels. We work closely with our clients to help them avoid the financial and emotional expense of a wrong hire. <br>  <br> At Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc., we do our utmost to make the staffing process as easy, efficient and effective as possible. We can introduce you to high-caliber and hard-to-find professionals who are not actively job-hunting and save you time by targeting and prescreening qualified candidates for you. Our winning attitude permeates our entire organization.<br>  <br> Due to our networks, extensive private database and years of industry experience, we are able to offer local, regional, national, and International search and placement. You will get personalized service and our guarantee of privacy and professionalism! Just as we want the employee you hire to have a lasting relationship with your company, we also want to build a lasting relationship with you. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves not only to meeting your immediate staffing needs, but we also strive to build a relationship of trust and respect, learn about you and your organization to foresee your future staffing needs, and foster a positive hiring experience for you.<br>  <br> <strong>GENESIS – What We Do</strong><br> GGR offers a flexible, hassle-free and scalable suite of services through one of our many companies.<br>  <br> <strong>Our services offer you solutions for:</strong>  <ul><li>Direct-Hire Management on a retained or contingency basis</li>  <li>Temporary and Temporary-to-Hire Management</li>  <li>Consultant Management</li>  <li>SOW Project-Based Management</li>  <li>Payroll Services</li>  <li>Managed Services (MSP)</li>  <li>Vendor Management Services</li>  <li>Competitive Market Research (e.g., name generation, job de ion, pay rate monitoring)</li>  </ul>  <br> <strong>GENESIS – Increase Revenues, Increase Efficiency, & Decrease Expenses</strong><br> GGR earns your business by representing employer clients as an extension of their Recruitment team. We recruit potential candidates at their current place of employment while being selective of companies and titles. Our strength includes the undertaking of significant research, screening, and assessments in order to qualify and match our recommendations to your business needs.<br>  <br> Simply put, we strategically plan, develop, design, and execute our strategies that are governed by how you measure success; the benchmarks to be accomplished within year-1 of employment; all the while preserving your corporate culture and ENERGIZING it with new people!<br>  <br> <strong>GENESIS – Our Clients</strong><br> We do not "tier" our accounts; each of our clients are serviced with the same level of service and are governed by Service Level Agreements. Additionally, our clients also have peace of mind in knowing that their identity is kept confidential and for propriety reasons do not advertise freely. GGR will be happy to provide individual references upon request and our clients' consent.<br>  <br>  <br> <strong>WE SPECIALIZE IN PLACEMENT FOR SOME OF THE BEST JOBS ACROSS THE NATION, PLEASE BROWSE BY OUR SUCCESFUL JOB TITLE PLACEMENTS BELOW</strong><br>  <ul>  <li>Accounting / Finance </li>  <li>VP of Finance </li>  <li>Controller </li>  <li>Audit Manager </li>  <li>CFO </li>  <li>Administration / Clerical </li>  <li>Receptionist </li>  <li>Animation </li>  <li>Creative Pictures & Television </li>  <li>International Marketing/Executive Directors/VP of Marketing </li>  <li>Supply Chain Management/Vendor Manager/Demand Planning </li>  <li>Digital </li>  <li>Engineering </li>  <li>Executive Search </li>  <li>Facilities / Security </li>  <li>Human Resources </li>  <li>Information Technology Services </li>  <li>Interactive Entertainment </li>  <li>Legal </li>  <li>Attorneys/Partners </li>  <li>Legal Secretary/Paralegal </li>  <li>Production </li>  <li>Promotion / Advertising </li>  <li>Publishing </li>  <li>Sales & Sales Management </li></ul>  <br> <strong>WE SERVICE A DIVERSE GROUP OF CLIENTS, FROM THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES</strong><br>  <ul><li>Accounting / Finance </li>  <li>Audit </li>  <li>Entertainment Studios </li>  <li>Animation </li>  <li>Consumer Package Goods </li>  <li>Creative Pictures & Television </li>  <li>Digital </li>  <li>Latin America/International </li>  <li>Engineering </li>  <li>Consumer Products </li>  <li>Retail </li>  <li>Facilities / Security </li>  <li>Human Resources </li>  <li>Medical Device </li>  <li>Pharmaceutical </li>  <li>Information Technology Services </li>  <li>Interactive Entertainment </li>  <li>Legal </li>  <li>Marketing </li>  <li>Production </li>  <li>Promotion / Advertising </li>  <li>Publishing </li>  <li>Manufacturers </li></ul>

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Detroit, MI