<p>Hamilton Long Term Care (HLTC) serves north Georgia, and surrounding areas, with four skilled nursing facilities. Specializing in rehabilitation and acute care needs, our experienced nursing professionals are equipped to handle needs specific to long term care. Each facility provides a unique personality in a community atmosphere while focusing on quality of life for our residents. Residents can enjoy activities and socialization opportunities in a nurturing environment designed with the patient in mind.</p>

<p>Quinton Memorial, a 120 bed facility, specializes in acute care with an experienced staff. Quinton Memorial is now featuring a new section with 16 Premier Suites, which includes a private room and bath.</p> 

<p>Regency Park, a 100 bed facility, is the premier long term care facility of Northwest Georgia and specializes in rehabilitation and orthopedic care. Ridgewood Manor, a 100 bed facility, and Wood Dale, an 82 bed facility, both provide an experienced nursing staff and memory unit. Ridgewood and Wood Dale provide a secure and safe environment for the care of Alzheimers and Dementia patients.</p>

<p>Nurse Aide Training Program – associates working toward Nurse Aide Certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant:
We offer Nurse Aide Training at no cost to associates! Our accelerated Nurse Aide Training program prepares students for certification. Associates hired as Nurse Aide Trainees complete class time and clinical hours as required for the Georgia State Nurse Aide Certification program. Trainees are paid while attending class, and continue working in one of four skilled nursing facilities once certified. This program covers the cost of testing through the employer, and assists in scheduling test dates. The Nurse Aide Training program is great for applicants with an interest in the medical field, especially if interested in beginning a career in nursing. Hamilton Long Term Care (HLTC) serves as the business office for Quinton Memorial, Regency Park, Ridgewood Manor, and Wood Dale Health and Rehabilitation.</p>

Administrator at Ridgewood Manor Health and Rehabilitation

Dalton, GA