As a leader in customer management for over 30 years, <span itemprop="name">Convergys</span> (NYSE: CVG) is uniquely focused on helping companies find new ways to enhance the value of their customer relationships and deliver consistent customer experiences across all channels and geographies. <br/><br/>Every day our 75,000 employees help our clients balance the demands of increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing overall cost using an optimal mix of agents, technology, and analytics. Our actionable insight stems from handling billions of customer interactions annually for our clients. Among Fortune 500 companies, over half of the top 50 are clients that trust their most important relationships to Convergys. Visit <a href="" mns_rt="Company" target="_blank" itemprop="url"></a> for more information. <br/>
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Associate Director, Customer Experience at 004 Convergys Customer Management Group Inc.

Westminster, CO 80021