Noor, Inc. is an umbrella investment company specialized in a growing portfolio of staffing and recruiting brands spanning all industries and disciplines. Noor, Inc. is structured in a way that each brand links strategically to the next, allowing the Noor, Inc. entities to maximize efficiency and leverage a vast network of resources.
Expanding organically and through acquisition, Noor, Inc. is on a determined path of measured, logical growth. T he Noor, Inc. investment approach places emphasis on building mutually beneficial partnerships and producing results that will endure. Noor, Inc. strives to add companies to its portfolio that will continue to build on the synergies created by this business model.
Noor, Inc. strives to find value across geography and sectors and the family of companies they represent is testament to that. Employing people across the United States in fields from healthcare to high-profile professional to light industrial, the Noor, Inc. brands encompass all disciplines and regions to meet the challenging and sophisticated employment demands of its clients.

File Clerk at Noor Associates

Fort Lauderdale, FL