<p>Stroll through the doors of a Leisure Care community and you may be surprised. Folks are having fun, the staff is cheerful, and the vibe&hellip;it&rsquo;s energetic, tranquil, and cozy all at the same time. Stay awhile. Take it all in. Imagine what it would be like to live in such a place. To be pampered. To do all the things you&rsquo;ve put off for years. To have so much fun it&rsquo;s kind of ridiculous. Now doesn&rsquo;t that sound like a retirement out of a dream? Ahhhhh. <br /><br /> Leisure Care Retirement Communities are truly more resort than retirement community. Have as much fun as possible with peace of mind as well. Enjoy your own private apartment home. Live as you always have, but without having to mow the lawn, fix a leaky pipe, or even vacuum. Wouldn&rsquo;t you rather relax and concentrate on more important things, like having the time of your life? We thought so.</p>

Health and Wellness Manager at Leisure Care

Portland, OR 97229