<p>From our passionate, engaged workforce to our engineering-based approach, discover what makes careers at FM Global so uniquely inspiring.</p>            
<p>Resilience doesn’t come without knowledge. How can you predict the power of hurricane-force winds without research? How can you understand the fire danger inherent to storage scenarios without precise testing and modeling? How do you take your clients from risk to resilience, without the data to inform the recommendation?</p>
<p>At FM Global, engineering data and scientific research combine with nearly two centuries of experience to give you the ultimate platform on which to build a resilient career. Working here, you don’t just work in property insurance. You prepare one out of every three Fortune 1000 companies to stand up to risk. To build resilience based on the expertise you and FM Global bring. And you give them what they need to climb back to their feet.</p>
<p>Defined by our proprietary research, engineering-based approach, and reputation for excellence, FM Global offers a workplace culture that’s as supportive and inclusive as it is innovative and inspiring. We’re looking for people who can transform risk into resilience. Explore FM Global careers and discover whether one of those people is you.</p>

Information Security Principal at FM Global

Johnston, RI 02919