Today, Terumo Medical Corporation develops, manufactures, exports, imports, markets, distributes, and sells a diverse portfolio of medical devices, supplies, and accessories and generates $280 million in annual sales. While some of our products and devices are produced in Japan, a growing portion of them are produced in Elkton, Maryland, including Pinnacle® Destination® guiding sheaths, Pinnacle® R/0 II sheaths, Terumo® insulin syringes, and CAPIJECT® micro-collection tubes. The manufacturing facility in Elkton spans over 321,000 square feet and utilizes automated processes with a quality system that is certified to be in compliance with the ISO 13485 Standard. <br /><br />  Terumo Medical Corporation offers its wide range of products through three business divisions: Terumo Interventional Systems, Terumo Medical Products, and Terumo Transfusion Products. </p> <img src="" /></h2><li><strong>1972:</strong> Terumo Medical Corporation is founded under the name Kimble Terumo, Inc.<br></li> <li><strong>1980:</strong> The sales and distribution facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, opens; purchased Owens-Illinois Joint Venture Holdings (Elkton, MD) and name changed to Terumo Medical Corporation</li> <li><strong>1982:</strong> Opening of new Terumo Medical Corporation research and development facility in Elkton, Maryland</li><li><strong>1983:</strong> CAPIJECT<sup>&reg;</sup> capillary blood collection tubes are designed, patented, and go on sale in the U.S.</li> <li><strong>1985:</strong> U.S. production of insulin syringes begins</li> <li><strong>1988:</strong> Completion of major manufacturing expansion in Elkton, Maryland</li><li><strong>1990:</strong> New sales and marketing headquarter office opens in Somerset, New Jersey</li> <li><strong>1995:</strong> U.S. production of cardiovascular devices begins</li> <li><strong>1999:</strong> Sarns division of 3M is acquired and it becomes Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terumo Medical Corporation</li> <li><strong>2005:</strong> Mission Medical is acquired</li><li><strong>2006:</strong> MicroVention is acquired; Terumo Interventional Systems begins direct sales of its entire endovascular product line</li> <li><strong>Present:</strong> Produces a diverse portfolio of medical devices, supplies, and accessories</li></ul>  <br /><br />

Manufacturing Technician - 3rd shift at Terumo Medical Corp.

Elkton, MD 21921


  • Medical, Dental and Vision
  • 401K
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Long Term Disability