<p>Owning is the modern real estate transaction platform that is changing how real estate is bought and sold. Owning understands how the modern real estate transaction should unfold. As a buyer, Owning can put money in your pocket after your transaction closes. As a seller, Owning can provide communication, status, and digital processes that are superior to the traditional home selling process and at fraction of the cost.</p>
<p>After modernizing the mortgage industry many years ago, the owners of Owning see how the traditional real estate process is outdated and clunky. Communication, documentation, and research resources can be centralized in order to provide a high-level experience with more money left to the buyer and seller at closing. Also, by integrating high-tech service providers, other real estate transaction costs are additional savings centers for clients.</p>
<p>Owning also understands the modern buyer&rsquo;s frustration with down payment requirements. Using the savings earned from using Owning&rsquo;s home buying process, the down payment barrier can be eliminated. Owning educates and provides a path for renters to become owners even if they have not accumulated a down payment.</p>

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