At Partners For Quality (PFQ), we are committed to providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to children and families who face behavioral health challenges. Our vision and mission guide our actions.

In 2005, the Board of Directors approved a reorganization plan to create four distinctive entities managed by PFQ:

Allegheny Children’s Initiative – our youth services subsidiary. ACI services more than 500 children and families with behavioral challenges in Allegheny County each year!
Citizen Care – our community living and working subsidiary. CCI provides INDIVIDUALIZED services and supports to more than 250 adults each year!
Lifeways, Inc. d/b/a Exceptional Adventures – our travel subsidiary. EA provides fun and safe travel and tour opportunities to individuals with disabilities; EA is one of the largest travel agencies of its kind!
Partners For Quality Foundation – our PFQ subsidiary does JUST that—provides a FOUNDATION for all services and supports.
Now in its 42nd year of service, the Agency is recognized as an integral part of the service delivery system in Allegheny County serving more than 2,500 people annually and employing more than 550 people across the organization.

We are accredited by CQL, (the Council on Quality and Leadership). This accreditation has been maintained since 1978, making PFQ/CCI their longest, continually accredited agency in the world!

We are also accredited by COA, (the Council on Accreditation). This accreditation has been maintained for 15 years, another long term accreditation for ACI.

What does this mean to you? It means we are committed to being the best. Under our accreditations, we provide top-quality services and supports and provide you and your family with the best possible service. We are committed to being the best service provider for you!

SAP Liaison (student assistance program) at Partners For Quality, Inc. / Allegheny Children's Initiative

Clairton, PA 15025