<p>VaCom Technologies is a nationally known energy efficiency contracting and technical consulting company specializing in refrigeration systems and industrial facilities. In business since 1992, VaCom's mission is to help our clients optimize the performance and efficiency of their facilities utilizing our capabilities in analysis, control and monitoring of refrigeration systems.
We design and implement high-value projects for existing facilities such as food plants and “cold chain” distribution companies using sophisticated analysis tools, advanced control techniques and careful integration with client needs. Projects achieve improved efficiency, increased reliability and turn-key delivery of utility incentives.
Our project development and delivery approach emphasizes fundamentally sound engineering methods and state-of-the-art control technologies, supported by ongoing performance analysis using VaCom’s own EnergyDashboard® service to provide clients with the greatest life-cycle value. We design projects that are energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sound. 

Senior Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineer at VaCom Technologies

La Verne, CA 91750