<p><strong>About Us</strong> </p>
<p>At XOR Security, we build solutions that keep our citizens safe, our government’s information secure and our intelligence professionals one step ahead of the adversary. From cybersecurity and data analytics to strategic consulting and cloud services, the XOR team provides the insight, expertise and dedication to ensure mission success. Our solutions deliver certainty – the certainty you need to make critical decisions and lead with confidence. </p>
<p><strong>Who We Are</strong></p>
<p>What makes the XOR team different is our ability to articulate critical details with precision and clarity. Too often technology experts are unable to effectively communicate key details of a solution, system or threat to a non-technical decision maker. At XOR, we’re not only subject matter experts, we’re expert communicators. Through this, our clients gain a deeper understanding of health and risks to their enterprise, and of their adversary’s tools, techniques and processes. Better information, clearly presented, leads to better decisions. </p>

<p><strong>What We Offer</strong></p>
<p>At XOR, we’re cyber warriors by practice, and data scientists by design. Our core expertise aligns with strategic needs clients in government and the commercial sector face every day. We’ve built our team of experts with your mission in mind. Our expertise includes:</p>
<li>System Engineering</li>
<li>Data Analytics</li>
<li>Application Development</li>
<li>Government Solutions</li>
<li>Industry Solutions</li>
<li>Cloud Services</li>
<li>Strategic Consulting</li>

Software Engineer at XOR Security

Falls Church, VA 22042